Real India
February 9, 2015 By sastha

Realindia was conceived to make travel in India safe, predictable and pleasurable. An idea that germinated during the days of the dot com boom and one that went through multiple revisions is now finally born.

Realindia brings together information, technology and people to provide tools that help travellers better plan and experience their trips.

Over a period of time, we will roll out a unique set of services that will allow our customers to experience India at close quarters, without the attendant pitfalls of stolen wallets, lost dignity and various other problems that travel in India is closely associated with.

Why “Realindia”?

Most tourists who visit or travel in India come face to face with a country that seems to be obsessed with the idea scamming them in a multitude of ways. A minority cartel of smooth talking touts, “government authorised” tour operators and conniving bureaucrats have somehow become the face of India for the thousands of people who visit this country.

While this is the face that repeatedly foists itself on every visitor, it is just a minority. Behind this wall of cheating and scamming, lies another India..

An India of generous hospitable people. An India with a culture that prescribes one to treat guests as divinity. The “real India”.

It is this India that Realindia will showcase to the world.